Ottawa Foodie Challenge Packing List

Originally Posted May 21, 2013


Before you arrive on Saturday at 9:00 am there are a few things we’d recommend to help you prepare for your day of deliciousness. Here are some tips to help you get ready.

1. Do some research. We have a LOT of clues on this year’s challenge, and not all of them are about restaurants. Take the time to think about specialty grocers, kitchen supply stores and other types of food & drink related places in Ottawa.

2. DON’T forget your camera! To participate in the Ottawa Foodie Challenge you’ll have to take pictures of yourself completing the clues- so make sure you bring one and possibly a back up battery. Also take into account that you’ll be uploading these pictures to Flickr after you’re done- so if you’re using an SLR- it might take more time to upload. We recommend using smart phones for the challenge

3. Bring a map. You’ll be navigating the city, sometimes it helps to plan your route before you go crazy completing the clues. We are anticipating road closures due to Ottawa Race Weekend & the Great Glebe garage sale- so it might come in handy!  If you’re traveling by transit, pick up a transit way map- chances are you’ll be taking the bus to somewhere you haven’t been to before

4. Make sure to dress comfortably. Most likely you’ll be hustlin’ all around town. If you’re in comfortable shoes and dress, it will be all that much easier.

5. Expect deliciousness. Some of our clues will be giving you bites, so have an open mind and try something new! You’re sure to build up an appetite during the day, so make sure you take a break from the challenge to hydrate and have lunch.

6. Get into it! Trust us- you’re going to have fun. Bring a that smile and energy to the day!