Ottawa Foodie Challenge List 2013

Originally Posted May 23, 2013



In previous years, our top teams completed every single clue- making it difficult to judge our grand prize winner. This year we thought we’d spread the love to more restaurants and purveyors to test your skills- and making it more competitive. That being said, after a few numbering mishaps- we thought we had 70 clues- guess what?- THERE WERE 88!

Thank you to those who really went above and beyond to attempt this list!

Rules & Instructions

• All photos to be uploaded to Flickr & album link sent at 5pm. Late entries not accepted.
• In the subject line of the email be sure to include 1. Your Team Name 2. Total Points
• Your album must have one “team photo”. The challenge photos much have at least have 1 team member present.
• Only upload the photos needed for clues, not any extras.
• Be respectful of the restaurants you are entering and the neighborhoods you are visiting.
• You must complete ALL mandatory clues to win the grand prize.

Mandatory Clues

Please make sure to hold up the Eating & Drinking Guide in your pictures if it refers to the magazine!

1. Top 5 Challenge: Seek out any of the “Top 5” Breads, Doughnuts, Pickles & Preserves and Sandwiches featured in the Ottawa Magazine Eating & Drinking issue. Snap a picture with one of these delightful treats  ( 5 pts each- maximum of 3 finds )
2. This blue building at 62 Barrette St is one hot tamale! Snap a picture beside the logo laden window See page 17 ( 10 pts )
3. Seek and you will find a new spot on Wellington famous for “Cheezecakes” and the raw tacos. Strike a pose outside! Details on page 70 ( 10pts )
4. Get a little nutty at 490 Rochester and grab a picture of the sour cherries imported straight from Greece. Hint on page 18 ( 10pts )
5. This gluten-free haven makes freshly squeezed juices & cocktails! Don’t miss out on their daily made Texican salsa- It’ll knock any Canadian’s socks off . Page 70, tells you where to get your daily “hustle”. ( 10pts )
6. Get giddy for the Ottawa Food Truck Rally at the corner of Rochester & Pamilla ( 10 pts )

Regular clues

1. Stop, “Guac” and Roll at this City Centre cantina * 11:30 opening *( 20 pts )
2. Reclaimed barn board is all the range in O-town. Use it as your backdrop ( 5 pts ) (Max 10 pts)
3. These days, most drinking establishments have abbreviated their names to “Pub” but this locale pays homage to the classic name. Get ‘yer Beer & Board games on this Hintonburg gem. ( 20 pts )
4. Roll on in to think Lunch on Bank Street and get your paws a little messy. ( 20 pts )
5. Pink Fuzz & Rye Guy are names of what’s on tap. Test your taste buds at their brewing headquarters. *Clue only open from Noon- 5pm* ( 20 pts )
6. Where “Beech” size means two patties on your ‘burg, take a picture with Ms.Pacman. ( 5 pts )
7. Locate a geoduck ( 10 pts )
8. This “beachside” bistro boasts unlimited bike parking, take a picture beside where you’d park your ride. ( 5 pts )
9. Susan Hamer is the lady behind this “sweet” edition to Hintonburg. Snap a picture in front of where you’d pick up some of her goodies on Wellington. ( 5 pts )
10. Outside of Dynamite 40 under 40’s retail location ( 10 pts )
11. Take a picture outside this neighbourhood restaurant. It’s steps away from Ottawa’s biggest garage sale and is headed up by two brothers. The name is exactly that (in Italian). ( 5 pts )
12. Let your wild side show at Pelican Fishery & Grill ( 10 pts, extra 10 pts if you lay on a smooch )
13. This poutinerie can get pretty smokey….snap a picture beside their famous ‘70s inspired logo ( 5 pts )
14. Brûléeing the top of a Crème brûlée ( 10 pts )
15. How many cookies could a good cook cook If a good cook could cook cookies? A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies. Try this tongue twister at the Red Apron  ( 20 pts )
16. Guess the weight of this hefty-hunk-o-cheese at La Bottega Nicastro( 20 pts, add 10 pts if the owner, whose name starts with ‘R’ is in the shot too! )
17. Find the oldest bottle wine on this restaurant and event space’s wine wall- Ottawa’s only exclusively Italian wine list. ( 20 pts, add 10 pts if their sommelier is giving you wine advice in the picture )
18. Capture a cheers with “Naughty Nick” perhaps over the “Babbling Brook” at this brotherhood of beer on Dalhousie ( 20 pts )
19. You and some dried epazote ( 20 pts )
20. A dragon fruit you say? Get a picture of you with one ( 5 pts )
21. On Parkdale you’ll find a florist that moonlight’s as one of our city’s secret coffee destinations. Strike a pose amongst the flowers. ( 5 pts )
22. Bench press the 5 volume Modernist Cuisine cookbook series ( 10 pts )
23. You can twist or shake the dried out of this flouring vine to enhance any dish. Take a picture with the tool that does it best at CA Paradis ( 20 pts )
24. This tasty artisanal sausages are made so close to home. Find some for sale ( 10 pts )
25. Take a picture outside one of Wesboro’s newest additions named after a Dutch adjective. ( 5 pts )
26. Sharpen your skills at Ma Cuisine and let Wüsthof be your guide! ( 20 pts )
27. Take a snap beside a Broadhead tap ( 5 pts )
28. WINNER Community Clue: Confess your foodie sins, marvel at the holy decor and contemplate passages from their version of the bible at this well-known establishment. Sure to be thirst quenching. Take a picture is the aforementioned “bible” ( 5pts )
29. Newly open from old roots, “I’ll be In” to peel and pickle at Nicholas and Daly ( 20 pts )
30. People say, “a night out on the ______” ( 10 pts )
31. Maple syrup from a Byward Market vendor ( 5 pts )
32. Take a picture outside of this award winning restaurant just celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary ( 5 pts )
33. Take a snap as you enjoy the view from your white linen dressed table that overlooks this beautiful Unesco world heritage site. Wait did you hear the orchestra playing? ( 20 pts )
34. Show us the difference between between nigiri and sashimi ( 5 pts )
35. The ultimate Montreal style bagel right here in Ottawa ( 5 pts )
36. Chocolate can make any guy or gal happy. So can a good blow dry- head to 31 Murray to indulge in both. Now that’s a good hair day! ( 10 pts )
37. Find some black sesame ice cream ( 5 pts )
38. Take a picture of any chef displaying their food tattoo ( 5pts )
39. Capture yourself juggling this fruit that is Zest Catering’s signature colour ( 10 pts )
40. Venture down to The Flour Shoppe and take a picture of you chomping on what you receive after you declare “The Glebe is SWEET” ( 10 pts )
41. Wearing one of those naked people aprons that make you look naked (10 pts)
42. This Wellington West restaurant’s menu changes daily basis- get cozy beside it’s Saturday menu ( 10 pts )
43. You and an antique kitchen gadget at the Glebe Garage sale ( 10 pts )
44. Cupcakes from this shop are ALMOST small enough to fit into a thimble. ( 10 pts )
45. Snuggle up to a bottle of Prince Edward County wine at the LCBO ( 5 pts )
46. Hang out with Pasquale in a Westboro wood-burning pizza restaurant ( 10 pts- extra 10 pts if you are with the REAL Pasquale in front of the oven)
47. Do the wave outside of Shore Club ( 5 pts )
48. Eat family style only on Mondays at this spin off locale. Take picture outside ( 5 pts )
49. Take a picture outside any restaurant whose name is the same as their street address ( 5 pts each )
50. Why slice your salami if you can spread it? Get a picture of some Ndjua! ( 5 pts )
51. You wearing any authentic Mexican garb, eating some authentic mexican food. ( 5 pts )
52. How many REAL armadillos does Chez Lucien have? Take a picture showing the number with your hands at Chez Lucien ( 10 pts )
53. This restaurant was #4 in top 50 Restaurants in Canada 2013 ( 10 pts )
54. The peanuts may be boiled, and the beards may be oiled, but try the chicken it’s not broiled. Get a picture their sign. ( 5 pts )
55. This locally made jam has interesting combinations such as: Rhubarb and Black Pepper, Peach Cardamom, Blueberry Lavender. ( 5 pts )
56. Get studious about economics, outside this seahorse laden restaurant. ( 10 pts )
57. The detached head of an animal at the butcher’s (20 points)
58. Take a picture outside this joint that serves up free ‘chowda on Tuesdays ( 5 pts )
59. This cured ham is made by feeding the pigs Parmesan cheese. Take a picture of yourself with some of it. ( 5 pts )
60. “What happiness tastes like” – this is the password to try one of Jen Winter’s creations at this Westboro Sweet Shop. ( 10 pts )
61. A baking pan for Madeleine cookies ( 5 pts )
62. You and the famous egg roll sold at Ottawa Senators Hockey Games ( 5 pts )
63. You with a 2013 Gold Medal Plates Ottawa Chef ( 20 pts each )
64. Authentic 100% corn tortillas from a local Latin grocer. ( 10 pts )
65. This market hotspot has a wall filled with signed wine bottles. Use it as your backdrop. ( 5 pts )
66. Stand under the “ Ladies and Escorts entrance” of this rejuvenated tavern ( 5 pts )
67. This diner has been reenvisioned as a supper club by night. Make sure to get the sign in your photo ( 5pts )
68. Give a hug to any Ottawa food blogger ( 5 pts )
69. Pulling a pizza out of a pizza oven ( 5 pts )
70. This magazine that has the same name as a local food/wine tasting fundraising event ( 5 pts )
71. Liquids extracted from 2 different oval shaped fruit are sold here, when ironically it’s name is derived from a verb meaning non-mixable ( 5 pts )
72. Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from these ingredients. Find some! ( 5 pts )
73. This coffee roastery started out of a garage in Mechanicsville. Take a picture outside their new cafe. ( 5 pts )
74. This bistro has a cute Dachshund as it’s logo. Snap a picture with their sign! ( 5 pts )
75. This Little Italy sandwich shop is legendary, so much so it’s Ottawa’s top rated (not to be confuzzed with top buzzed ) “restaurant” on Urbanspoon. Show us what we’re talking about. ( 5 pts )
76. This Beechwood mural pays homage to Jose Alves’ legacy. Use it as your back drop ( 5  pts )
77. Find a Cassel Brewery tap ( 5 pts )
78. Crossing this type of animal’s path might lead to bad luck. In this case, it just leads to deliciousness. Take a picture in front this restaurant ( 5 pts )
79. You waiting on a table ( 5 pts, add 5 pts if you’re in uniform )
80. The Ottawa Food and Wine Festival is held in this new state of the art building ( 5 pts )
81. A proper glass for serving sparkling wine ( 5 pts )
82. Mirepoix is made up of these three main things, take a picture with all three ( 5 pts )