...and the winner is!

Original Post Date November 24, 2010


We are proud to announce team YUM YUM (Katryna & Mark) as the winners of the 1st Ottawa Foodie Challenge, and now hold the title of 2010 Ottawa Foodie Challenge Champions! This incredible duo was able to complete ALL 360 available points, with a little creativity and a lot of heart.

We were very (VERY) impressed with all the teams and there was some seriously close competition. Behold the rest of the albums that brought us so much joy.

Team Kellog

Team After The Harvest

Team The Cereal Killers

Team Anchor Cares

Team Food Finders

Team Abnormally Large Intake Per Os

Team Marvelously Mustachioed Maley Men

Team Vesbitt

Team DTF

Team The Drums (Part 2)

Team Cobalt

Team La Franco and The Anglo (Part 2)

Team Big Night Last Night

Team La Gourmandise

Team Crack Horderves

Team Digestive Tracks

Team Everyone Likes Sandwiches

Team Awesome

Finally we’d like to say another GREAT BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors this year for supporting a brand spanking new event in this city. Their support was greatly appreciated: NetgenOttawa Kiosk,  Divino Wine StudioThe CakeryBarefoot Wine & Bubbly and The Whalesbone.